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Martin Brunner, piano
Rastislav Uhrík, bass
Tomáš Hobzek, drums

Martin Brunner Trio is a band of a standard jazz trio format and it focuses exclusively on playing the original compositions. The trio was founded in autumn 2007 in Prague and the original line-up consisted of Martin Brunner – Martin Kapusník – Petr Mikeš. From 2007 to 2010, it performed at many concerts and festivals in the Czech Republic. In June 2009, the CD “Behind the Clouds” (containing nine original compositions) was released under the Czech label “Arta Records” and the trio toured the Czech Republic to promote the album. The composition “Behind the Clouds” was awarded “Best Jazz Composition of the Year” (by the “Bohemia Jazz Fest” and OSA association) and this piece was also released as a part of the retrospective CD of Arta Records (CD “Everybody Goes To Agharta”). The album was also very successful on the Japanese market.

In 2010, the original line-up of the band changed: Tomáš Hobzek became a new drummer and, later, new double bass player Rastislav Uhrík joined the band. The Trio went on another tour in the Czech Republic in 2011, performed at the festival “Jazz At The Prague Castle” (this concert was recorded and released on label “Multisonic”) and in July 2011 recorded a new studio album, which was released in 2012 - CD "Still Warm To Touch". The band can be heard regularly at Prague’s well-known jazz clubs.

The latest project is called "Morning Walks". It is an extraordinary combination of trio with string quartet. CD of the same tittle was released in 2013 on label Animal Music.




David Pokorný, violin
Vladimír Klánský, violin
Vladimír Kroupa, viola
Vít Petrášek, violoncello
Martin Brunner, piano
Rastislav Uhrík, kontrabas
Tomáš Hobzek, bicí
An extraordinary project by Martin Brunner is fusion of jazz piao trio with string quartet - Martin Brunner Trio and Epoque quartet. It´s the cycle of pieces composed just for this particular ensemble. The idea was to create music in which the string quartet wouldn´t have an accompanying role, but all music instruments wolud have the same importance. The compositions were inspirired by modern jazz as well as classical music. The CD "Morning Walks" was released in December 2013 on acclaimed Czech label Animal Music.



PRAGUE SIX & CONCEPT ART ORCHESTRA (projekt Štěpánky Balcarové)

PRAGUE SIX: Jan Jirucha, Luboš Soukup, Štěpánka Balcarová, Tomáš Sýkora, Vít Křišťan, Martin Brunner






Vladimíra Krčková, vocal
Martin Brunner, piano


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